Bring on the learning revolution!

Formal education is designed to kill creativity. It is amazing to note how ‘industrial’ the educational systems across the world are. We come out of schools in batches like industrial products. A bell governs our actions in school. Otherwise random and capable individuals are systematically taught to obey and conform. Peer pressure becomes much more powerful than the forces of nature. Here is a Ted talk by Sir Ken Robinson where he speaks of shifting from the Industrial to Organic mode of education. He says- “We don’t need evolution in our education system. We need revolution.”

Here is one more interesting Ted talk by Sir Ken Robinson.

It is high time we change a system that has been used as a tool of social control, political and financial power, and a training ground for factory recruits. With the advancement of Internet, the linear way of learning is indeed irrelevant. If you embrace his idea of non-linear education, just jump into the process whenever you can. Start mentoring. You don’t have to walk into a classroom to alter a child’s education, take the time to teach them skills outside of the classroom by mentoring kids who are already a part of your life. Inspire them to ask questions. Drive them to bump into failures.


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