Delhi 6

So what if Delhi 6 failed at the box office? So what if most of my friends ended up telling me its a bore and stands nowhere close to Rang de Basanti? I stand by Rakesh Omprakash Mehra in his sincere effort and fearless spirit to try something different- out-of-place! Well to start with, one cannot reject the fact that India was desperately waiting for a hip hop cinematographic piece of art. And here it is! The streets of Delhi haven’t ever looked as affable as through the camera of Binod Pradhan- it makes you wish you were there! Choreography is equally good. Especially with the songs “Genda Phool” and “Masakali”.

There is a message- if not loud and clear. It is a fusion of Swades and 1947 earth- where an NRI decides to face the problems back in his country than running away from it. It speaks about the “kaala bandar” which resides inside everyone of us- the only enemy we need to fight. It doesn’t show the rioters as muscular men out of a shamelessly laughing villain’s pot. They are the people we live with. The society we live in. The insecurity that translates us into “kaala bandars”. Rightly put!

One particular scene is a lovemaking scene where the girl’s feet rotates the channels of a television. Each channel has a message. One channel speaks of Chandrayaan’s success. The other channels speak of other recent achievements of our country. Then comes the channel that speaks of the “kaala bandar”. A perfect amalgamation- development on one side and “kaala bandar” on the other! It’s a film with heart! “Yeh Delhi He Mere Yaar, Bas Ishq Mohabbat Pyaar…”

I will give it 7/10.


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