Black Friday

Indian films are rarely based on books, and they heavily account for their bad screenplay. Anurag Kashyap’s Black Friday tries to portray everything the way it actually happened in Mumbai blasts, or at least as the book says it happened, and succeeds!

Unlike most other films of this genre, this film does not hype terrorism, or romanticize the darkness of Bombay, or the coldness of its police- but portrays exactly what happened in reality. The usage of actual news footage of the events add realism to the tale. It takes courage to take names of some of the biggest name in underworld and Indian politics as bluntly, and the filmmaker shows that courage.

The story doesn’t point finger on any particular person, group or community as the culprit for what is still Indian crime history’s biggest tragedy. It gives a strong message, right on face- the terror, the attacks, the explosions, the riots inhales not any particular community but the whole humanity.



One response to “Black Friday

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