Seven Samurai

If there is one film by which Kurosawa is recognized by, it is Seven Samurai, and it rightly deserves its place! One of the richest works to ever be committed to celluloid, each of its characters is extraordinarily realized; each has his or her own arc, his or her own vital part to play in the film’s slow progression towards its dramatic finale.

What really stands out in Seven Samurai are its characters. They run the gamut, from elder teacher to hopeful youth, stoic warrior to undisciplined brigand. Kurosawa even finds room for a youthful romance. No wonder enemy bandits are virtually faceless. There is so much conflict and passion present within the group of our beloved protagonists, the villains need not be more than a vague threat!

Three and half hours of mere artistry! The run length of the film is its biggest strength- a rare claim, indeed! With a large canvas, Kurosawa painted something that will define cinema till the end of mankind!

I deserves 10/10!


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