Sourav Roy is the Founding Editor of Bengaluru Review. He is a bilingual writer, poet, journalist, and translator. He is a visiting faculty at Azim Premji University and NIFT Bengaluru, where he teaches poetry and creative writing. He is also a core member of Anjuman, a literary club that promotes Hindi-Urdu literature in Bengaluru. A blogger since 2010, Sourav has worked as an Editor at YourStory in the past, where he wrote exhaustively about India’s social sector.

His published work includes Yayavar (Collection of poems) Karnakavita (Editor: Anthology of Hindi-Urdu poetry from Bengaluru), Teen Natak by Abhishek Majumdar (Editor), Soho Mein Marx (Translator: 3 Plays by Howard Zinn), and Os Ki Prithvi (Translation of Japanese Haiku).