Om Darbadar

Om Darbadar is by far the most confusing movie I have ever seen. If there was ever a film that captures the workings of real India almost in its totality, it has to be this one. In a country where science, religion, mythology, arts, politics and philosophy seep into common lives trying to overpower each other, there is no single way to separate these threads so as to examine their influence on the way of life. This film knits them all, and presents us a with a Fellinisque dream!

This film is intentionally far from an extended dream sequence. Director Swaroop could have easily had Om (the protagonist) wake up at the end of the film. Instead, he seamlessly blends present reality, past reality and fantastical reality to create an elusive work of cinema that defies literature, science and rationality. Om Darbadar is the best Indian satire and a tight jab at just about every genre in Indian cinema.

I found this film utterly frustrating and irritating yet extremely hilarious. This film has perhaps the best camera work in modern Indian film history. It is a beautifully crafted nonsense, that makes sense! This film is anti to whatever is recognized globally as Indian cinema- a reason good enough to make Om Darbadar a must-see film!



2 responses to “Om Darbadar

  1. Pandit Lakshminarayan Shastri (Babuji in Om Darbadar), read more about him here :

  2. Interesting movie overall – in Hindi we do not have many such films. Eraserhead is another difficult to watch movie.

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