Inglorious Basterds

Once again, revenge is the center of a Quentin Tarantino movie. But it works this time! There are better war films to watch (Full Metal Jacket, Saving Private Ryan, Patton etc) but war was never this much fun! The Inglorious Basterds, are haunting, but at the same time, hilarious. I love dark comedy- a genre typical to QT films. Loved the performances of Melanie Laurent and Brad Pitt who were tremendous. Though the crowning glory of this film lies with Christoph Waltz. He manages to create a real tension in the audience whilst, remaining quite theatrical.

There is an intense emotion in every scene. The dialogue has evolved from the classic QT “bad ass” provocative style as seen in Pulp Fiction- which remains his masterpiece. It is nice to see that each language presented (German, French, and English) is employed rather equally and naturally. This film is shot in Paris during WW-II and hence manages all the cultures pretty well. If not historic, this film does hold a cultural value!

The story has many historical inaccuracies. But it isn’t meant to be a documentary! The Basterds make no apologies and ask for no forgiveness. QT doesn’t care if he offends, if he steps all over stereotypes and cliches, this is film making at it purest- with near perfect cinematography and editing in place. It is a violent, tense and gory; not-for-everyone film. Certainly if you’re not a fan of QT’s style, this may be a little hard to swallow, nevertheless, it is a film which simply has to be seen. Since Death Proof, I was a little disappointed by QT. Inglorious Basterds has definitely propelled QT to the top again! The bloody basterd is back!

I’ll give the film a whooping 9/10.

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