Mr Smith goes to Washington

Cinema is sometimes classified into two categories- the realistic, and the fantastic (fantasy-based). This film masterfully captures both, a specialty of most Frank Capra classics. They are not fixed to a single era, but all eras, the truest definition of a classic. This film released in 1939 has young James Stewart at his very best. It is a political drama/ comedy with elements of patriotism and the usual good vs evil plot. The film has a crowd pleasing element only matched by few.

Jeff Smith (James Stewart) believes that children are the future and they should take the values from their great Country. When a senator dies in his state, the governor is forced into an awkward position of electing him the new senator. When Mr. Smith- the true patriot, arrives Washington, he is amazed by all the greatness that Washington possesses. He comes up with idea to propose a Bill that would let kids come together and enjoy the wilderness in a plot in his home town. His colleague Mr. Pain has his own plans with that same land. The film then releases the full fury of what corrupt politicians can do to a truthful man. The U.S. Senate is amazingly detailed. It’s also a nice lesson in how the Senate works, how bills have to go through committees, the rules of behavior and filibustering. A heart warming patriotic film from a very rare and different angle.



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