What is common between films of Sergio Leone and Tarantino? They all have a cool factor attached with them! Once the film ends, the viewer finds himself swayed into a whole new world created in his head. The viewer is fascinated by the cool protagonist and his style! I have reason to believe that Kurosawa’s Yojimbo was the first film in this category. The technical aspect of the film is equally enthralling. My teacher rightly observes-

One more notable point in the movie is the use of indoor sequences. The use of movable windows is done for telling effect. But what is special is the use of small gaps in the window shades. There are many shots using this property and every time, the effect is the same – magnificent. The film has only three primary locations but there is no moment of dullness. And now we have film makers who shoot a song in Bangkok, scenes in America but fail to leave a mark in viewers mind.

The way tension builds up in this film is remarkable. There’s an eerie calm at the beginning, and when we first see the gangs face each other, they are reluctant to fight and just make gestures and threats. With killings, double crossings and eventually huge massacres taking place, when Sanjuro returns for the final showdown, the tension is incredible. Kurosawa’s use of rain here is again praiseworthy. He neither uses it to show sorrow, nor romance, or action. When the inspector visits, everyone stops fighting and it begins to rain. It simply corresponds to how rain acts as a show stopper in many occasions.

I’ll give it 9/10.


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