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The problem with elementary school system

school_4How does it feel if half of the buses and trains supposed to be running are cancelled at random? And how long will we stand such disruption? At most a day or two, maybe a week. Well, a similar disruption in the daily lives of our children has been happening quietly for years. About half of the time, there is no teaching going on in government primary schools, while these voiceless students suffer. Read the complete article in Sankalp’s site


The scientific poet

tagore_einsPoetry and science have a common connection – philosophy. Some of the earliest philosophers, like Archimedes, Aristotle made way for great poetry and scientific theories. Newton spent the later half of his life in Biblical interpretations. It was after the advent of nuclear and quantum physics and the more complex string theory in the early 20th century, when the path of science and philosophy got separated. Well, one of the last men standing in this long legacy of thinkers who brought science and philosophy together was Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore. Continue reading

Where the sidewalk ends

unsafeLife is difficult for pedestrians in Indian cities. It is estimated that around 1.5 lakh people die on the streets of Indian cities every year, and over a crore get hospitalized. In the run for making our roads comparable to that of the developed parts of the world, we have focused too much on the car and bike wallas, and done too little for the pedestrians. Continue reading

News and not-news

media-lies“Girls are unsafe on streets? Who is to blame?” – ran the headline. The self proclaimed prophet of the melodramatic corporate news channel blamed a political party. The leader of the political party blamed the opposition. The opposition leader blamed the girls. The feminist blamed the men. An hour of the average Indian television viewer was wasted. One of the reasons I feel blessed in life is that I don’t watch television and am not driven by popular media. Continue reading

The English debate

In the land of diverse and rich linguistic and literary traditions, it is shameful that so many middle and upper class children speak only English. It is even more shameful that so many rural, suburban and working class children do not have access to a decent education in English. With growing inter-caste marriages, and shifting of the colonial whip to the Americans, the need to learn English among Indians has only grown. Under these circumstances, preserving one’s culture is a big concern. Continue reading