The problem with elementary school system

school_4How does it feel if half of the buses and trains supposed to be running are cancelled at random? And how long will we stand such disruption? At most a day or two, maybe a week. Well, a similar disruption in the daily lives of our children has been happening quietly for years. About half of the time, there is no teaching going on in government primary schools, while these voiceless students suffer. Read the complete article in Sankalp’s site


One response to “The problem with elementary school system

  1. The problems mentioned in this article are specific to the poor. School going children belonging to the rich and middle class are also driven into major bullshit. They are made to compete with each other like scoring is an indicator to how learned you are. These self centred kids grow up and run the country. This winner takes all attitude leads to immense levels of stupidity from the section of the society which can actually work towards making the world a better place.

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