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Rancho Bhai B.Tech

Our hero walks into a reputed college and makes his first mark during a ragging session. In his very first class, he questions a teacher and gets thrown out. He falls in love with the dean’s daughter. The dean is authoritative – to an extent that the institution has lost some basic values of education. Our hero then challenges the dean, tops every single exam, and finally proves his mettle by performing a medical miracle. Everything is forgiven while the hero leaves the college without a degree for himself. Well, can you guess which film are we talking about? Munna Bhai MBBS? Or 3 Idiots? That’s formula for film viewers.
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From JEE to CET

Sibal wants to bring in changes in the IIT entrance process. He suggests a common entrance test for the IITs and the NITs, in a two-paper format which will include a main test and an advanced test. While this move can be debated, it still may bring some streamlining in the entrance process. But just when we start thinking that all may get well, we hear that class XII board examination scores will be given 50% weightage in the entrance procedures. Continue reading

Long Live Wisdom!

“To provide the most educative and enlightening material. To promote right thinking and Living among people. To strengthen the moral fibre of the society. To help acquire and sustain knowledge, success, health and happiness.” – this is the Mission Statement of Wisdom Magazine, a low-priced magazine for kids (and adults like me). Wisdom was founded in 1973, and since then edited by Dr. K V Govinda Rao, until recently, when the visionary left us. Continue reading

The Indian Machiavelli?

While Machiavelli remains one of the brightest names in the field of political science, Chanakya, the Indian Machiavelli- as Wikipedia introduces him, in spite of the fact that his works predate Machiavelli’s by about 1,800 years- the founding father of the Mauryan Empire after defeating the Nanda and Alexander’s forces, remains underrated. Continue reading

A nation can’t run faster than its education

Swami Vivekananda had written this letter to Shrimati Sarala Ghoshal, editor of The Bharati, Darjeeling, on the 24th of April, 1897. It is indeed interesting how, 115 years later, everything written about Indian education in the letter still applies. Continue reading