Cleaning the state of Maharashtra

Prithviraj Chavan has a Herculean task ahead. His task is similar to Hercules’ 5th task. Hercules was asked to clean in one day the Augean stables that had 1,000 cattle and had never been cleaned! He accomplished this by changing the course of Alpheus and Peneus rivers to wash out the filth. Can Prithiviraj Chavan do the same for Maharashtra?

No doubt, the new CM is a clean man. He is an educated man and belongs to a very reputed family. Maharashtra will be blessed to have a clean CM particularly after corruption reached a pinnacle under his predecessor. In the state of Maharashtra, where corruption is institutionalised, that too in every field, can Prithviraj Chavan at-least initiate the reforms Maharashtra awaits? That too after the free run that the corrupt businessmen, bureaucrats and politicians have enjoyed of late.

I have no idea how Mr Chavan plans to tackle corruption in Maharashtra. But I know that he’ll have to be ruthlessly strong. His first order of business should be, of course, to order a full-fledged and transparent investigation of the Adarsh scam. He will also have to re-build the falling city of Mumbai. Let’s hope that this is a new beginning for the wonderful state of Maharashtra!


3 responses to “Cleaning the state of Maharashtra

  1. I don’t really have much hope on Maharashtra! Ashok Chavan was endorsed by Rahul Gandhi as a “clean man”. It’s just a cycle…

  2. ah good post keep it up

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