The ashtangas of Ayurveda

Ayurveda has several sub-parts. It is amazing to know that 2700 years ago, Indian medical science was developed to an extent, that it was divided into 8 exhaustive sub-parts. The 8 sub-parts of Ayurveda are together called ‘Ashtangas’. These constitute-

  1. Surgery (Shalya)
  2. ENT with Ophthalmology (Shalakya)
  3. Medicine (Kaya)
  4. Psychiatry (Bhootavidya)
  5. Gynac, Obstretics, Paediatrics (Kaumara)
  6. Medical jurisprudence and toxicology (Agada)
  7. Gerontology (Rasayan)
  8. Science of Aphrodiasic (Vajikarana)

For each of these sub-parts, exhaustive literature is available. Modern medicos can make an effort to understand these techniques to make the world a healthier and better place to live.


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  3. That is really amazing, i never knew this things.

  4. Amazing article!

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