Ayush- the science of longevity

In yesterday’s article, I had mentioned the concept of vata, pitta, kafa in Ayurveda. These three humors together fine tune the balance of a human body. Any imbalance in one of the three may lead to any disease. Ayurveda is all about tipping the balance between these three.

However, it must be noted here that Ayurveda does not mean ‘the science of a long life’. Ayurveda means science to a healthy life. Longevity means ‘Ayush‘ in Sanskrit. In-fact the concept of ‘Ayush’ does exist in the Indian medicinal system. Ayush stands for-

  • A- Ayurveda
  • Y- Yoga
  • U- Unani
  • S- Siddha
  • H- Homeopathy

Each of these parts of ‘Ayush’ has several sub-parts and has it’s own healing concepts embedded in them.


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