Tridosha in Ayurveda

Ayurveda, the oldest form of medical science in India, has a unique structure. Ayurveda strongly believes in a tripod structure. Tripod, philosophically is a very stable structure, and finds its usage in shooting, photography, etc. According to Ayurveda, the first requirement for healing oneself and others is a clear understanding of the three doshas – Vata-Pitta-Kapha.

Inside the body, there are three doshas which govern the physico-chemical and physiological activities. These three doshas are Vata (from ether and air), Pitta (from fire and an aspect of water), and Kapha (from water and earth). Individual constitution is acquired at birth and remains constant through life.

Vata is responsible for Creativity, Enthusiasm, Freedom, Generosity, Joy and Vitality. Pitta leads to Ambition, Concentration, Confidence, Courage, Enthusiasm for knowledge, Happiness and Intelligence. Kafa is responsible for Caring nature, Centeredness, Compassionate, Contentment, Faith, Fulfillment, Groundedness, Patience, Sense of being nourished, Stability, Support and Tenderness.

A balance among the tridosha is necessary for health. For example, the air principle kindles the bodily fire, but water is necessary to control fire, otherwise the bodily fire would burn the tissues. Vata moves Kapha and Pitta, since Kapha and Pitta are immobile. Together, the tridosha governs all metabolic activities. And the magic of Ayurveda lies in striking this balance, when tripped.


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