Scientific heritage of India

“Many of the advances in the sciences that we consider today to have been made in Europe were in fact made in India centuries ago” -Grant Duff British Historian of India

We are in the journey of realizing the science and technologies that existed in ancient civilizations that existed in the Indian land mass. Though the list is endless, here’s a further list-

Bhaskara II (1114 AD)
Gravity Newton
Cyclic Method Galois (1600 AD)
Inverse Cyclic Method Euler (1600 AD)
Differential Calculus Newton
Tolle’s Theorem Rolle (1646 AD)
Theory of Continued Fraction Sanderson
Pellian Equation Deoron Pale (1660 AD)
Madhava (1350 AD)
Taylor Sine and Cosine Series Taylor (1685 AD)
Lebnitz Series Lebnitz (1642 AD)
Gregories Series for Arc Gregory
Lebnits Infinite Series Lebnitz (1642 AD)
Parameshwara (1360 AD)
Lhuiler Formula Lhuiler (1782 AD)
Nilakanta (1440 AD)
Infinite GP Series Newton
Lebnitz Power Series Lebnitz
Saayana (1400 AD)
Velocity of Light Newton (1642 AD)
Puthumana Somayaaji (1400 AD)
Demoivre’s Infinite Series Demoivre
Achyutha Pisharoti (1530 AD)
Tycho-Brahe Reduction Tycho Brahe (1546 AD)

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