Hypocrisy who?

Remember the slam books we used to fill during school days? Every other student used to possess one! One of the most exciting questions in those books used to be- “What do you hate the most?” A very common answer we used to happily give was ‘hypocrisy!’. But, isn’t hypocrisy an attribute prevalent in all humans? We say something and do quite the opposite, sometimes without even realising it!

We are proud to claim that “men and women are equal in every field”. How many of us actually follow this? How many movies with a woman as their lead has Bollywood shown us? Even if such films are released, they get tagged as ‘offbeat’- something that the normal public doesn’t like. All we like in movies are fragile women seeking for help from our dabangg hero! It has taken us 60 years to move a woman’s bill. In Saudi Arabian courts, a man’s statement is worth two women’s. America, with more than 200 years of democracy, is yet to have a woman president. Men and women are equal? What a joke!

We talk of beauty lying beneath the skin and yet we find fair women and men beautiful. The beauty products have their market built on these insecurities of men and women! Their ads shamelessly declare that unless you are fairer, everyone will look down upon you. If these products really worked, racism would never have existed! Most of us watched the full coverage of the swearing-in ceremony of the US president, while many of us probably don’t know who our president is and for sure don’t know who our vice president is.

And it’s a bad bad hypocrite world ‘outside’ (So they say)…


4 responses to “Hypocrisy who?

  1. Saurav,

    I read most of your blogs whenever I get the opportunity to do so and I have liked them as well.

    I think you are having a myopic view towards the subject.

    I agree with few points of yours but then you are being biased. There are certain things we need to improve, but the society is improving. Equality is being given priority. Slowly things are changing, dont expect equality to emerge out of no where. It is a part of the process.

    All your examples could be seen from the other side of the coin turning down your view.

    I wish to see more unbiased articles.

    • Firstly, thanks for your neverending support and your genuine feedback.

      I agree with you completely, but this article was written to bring into notice, a perspective that otherwise people tend to ignore. This article is less serious and more sarcastic. I have taken example of US just to show that the problem exists everywhere, and it is wrong to claim that it is only the developing countries that face these problems. I’m glad things are improving and I truly am very optimistic about it. Let’s hope and work for the best!

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  3. Great post!! I completely agree with you…

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