The autocratic democracy

India is supposed to be a democracy. Why then, a few months back, state units of the Congress in Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Meghalaya unanimously asked Sonia Gandhi to nominate office bearers, including state chiefs? Why has Bengal asked Sonia to elect their party chief? Why has Maharashtra gone a step further by asking her to pick even the city heads? Why are these lists filled with the wives, sons, nephews, brothers and brothers-in-law of prominent party leaders?

Why is Sonia Gandhi busy falsifying the history of India? Why is Narasimha Rao being blamed for bad things that had happened in the 80-90’s and Rajiv Gandhi being praised for the good things? This lady recently re-elected herself as the President of the Congress party for a record fourth term. When there is stifling autocracy at the head, can there be democracy in the body?

On most national issues, we hardly get to know about the stand this mother-son duo. All that the we can see is that they are enjoying absolute power without responsibility or accountability. If the government screws up, they express their imperial annoyance and displeasure; if it does well, they appropriate the credit and an obliging media sells it as their achievement. Is family linage that important? If yes, then how can we call ourselves a democracy?


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