Rajiv Mishra- a tribute

There are certain problems with the Indian Hockey Federation and none but the administrators are responsible for this. It is an unusual statement from me, as I have always taken up issues and discussed their solutions from a common man’s perspective. Sponsors and public interest apart, but it is the responsibility of Hockey India to provide basic health care facilities to our players. Let me take up the story of Rajiv Mishra.

He was an excellent drag flicker at the Junior Hockey World Cup, 1997, in which India emerged as the runner-up. With his breathtaking speed and fantastic ball handling abilities, many believed him to be the future of Indian hockey, until he got injured, missed a year of play because of lack of specialist treatment and was thrown out of the senior squad. Last heard he was a ticket collector in a train in Calcutta.

The young lad devoted his life to a game he passionately loved. All these years, he has hardly received any support from the government. Today, he claims that hates the game, being almost in tears. Our players until recently were struggling for their health insurances. Does our government expect every sportsman to make comebacks like Pullela Gopi Chand? Something is terribly wrong here!

All I can do is wish our players the strength and will to win the ongoing hockey world cup. Atleast that will create new opportunities for the great game.


6 responses to “Rajiv Mishra- a tribute

  1. I remember Rajiv Mishra vividly , his case is a peculiar example how Indian Hockey officials do deal with available talent, instead of nursing their injuries they are left in cold. Pakistan is still having the services of Sohail Abbas, Holland is still being served by Vogels & De noir. (Sachin & Kumble still play internationals) but in Indian Hockey we see a KPS Gill drop Dhanraj & Ballal & others immediately after winning Asiad Gold just to satisfy his ego, an Ego above national pride.

  2. Good one.

  3. Kolahal Bhattacharya

    I was 10-11 years old when Rajib Mishra used to play for India…and he was my inspiration to be a hockey player…However, once he disappeared from my view, somehow I lost interest from Indian Hockey. All these years, I wondered what would have happened after his injury to him so that he never came back. It is really really very sad news for me that such a talent got lost and that also due to carelessness of our people.

    Today I am not a player anymore. But in my field (usually thought of as a very sacred field) also I see people always wanting to boss over talents so that they not become superior to themselves. And one failure is sure enough to throw you out of the scene. One may remember the movie Lahore in this context…When we will understand what treasures we are losing everyday?

  4. When i was 11yeas i read about mishra’s article in india today…i thought that article makes him again…but still he is not there…what is happening in india…? They called he is the future of indian hockey…but india played in his future…how pathetic?i really feel shame about india’s play about him…and i really getting fear about my future in india…please india…dont give such kind of result for me.i cant bear…and stop your political play- a small india-lover

  5. I recollect watching him play in television in the Junior World cup hockey tournament in 1996-97.. Very flamboyant and super rich talent. Its a shame that IHF, instead of grooming and taking care of such rare talents, left him in oblivion without any support. Guess, he was born in the wrong country.. if he would have been in Europe or Australia, his life would have been very different.

  6. My memories of Rajiv Mishra takes me to the time when I first watched him on a TV screen dribbling two or three players (i am not sure) one to left and then one to right in the center just front of the TV during teh world cup. I got so inspired after watching him play that I myself started playing hockey. The story of Rajiv Mishra in a way tells us everything that is wrong with the Indian Hockey. What a pity that we lost a person who perhaps could have won us many trophies single handedly.

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