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Why I support the pakistani cricket team

Pakistan-CricketMany of my readers have raised eyebrows after I have liked the Pakistani Cricket team on Facebook. I do not feel the need to justify myself, since it is but obvious that cricket is a display of skills and temperament and has nothing to do with one’s political preferences. I have ceased to remain a cricket fan, after they started covering half of the TV screen with ads, and cheerleaders took over dada’s enthusiasm. However, I do find it an interesting idea for an article; why someone – who has the least interest in cricket, would go all the way and like the cricket team of a ‘rival’ country? Continue reading


Hockey India League

hockey_indiaHockey in India has a far richer legacy than cricket. We won the last of our eight Olympic gold medals at the Moscow in 1980. Over the years, the sport in India has fallen down to levels the greats wouldn’t have even imagined. We failed to qualify for the Beijing Games in 2008 and finished last this year in London. With Hockey India League (HIL), starting next month, all is not lost yet. Continue reading

Rules of the game

suspendedOlympics is the buzz word in India for the second time this year. In summers we produced our best results ever at the Olympics. Whereas by winter, our politicians and administrators have brought us to great shame. The suspension of the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) over government interference in its elections is not only a disgrace for the country, but also an indicator to a system where administrators are placed above athletes. Continue reading

The battles that count

“The battles that count aren’t the ones for gold medals. The struggles within yourself- the invisible, inevitable battles inside all of us.” – Jesse Owens.

Tennis is a gentleman’s game. Ramanathan Krishnan, Premjit Lal, Jaideep Mukherjee and Vijay Amritraj were great men- on court and off it. They couldn’t win the grand slams, but they won admiration for their sportsmanship. Continue reading

Indian preposterous league

Welcome to a game where they choose to break the game’s rhythm to make it a spectacle, where they choose to wire up players and umpires to entertain people, where they bring young women paid to tart up the game with their bodies on display. Sports is entertainment, the sooner we understand that, the better it is. Ladies and gentleman, welcome to the Indian Premier League. Continue reading