The stomach divide

It turns me off to see half of the world learning yoga and aerobics to fight obesity while the other half out there sleeps hungry. The problem is generally blamed on the governments, but a small yet significant solution lies with us. Each grain consumed or wasted holds a significant value. Stop wasting food!

A friend of mine, with whom I generally eat, always stops me from leaving the hostel dining hall before I have finished every grain for food on my plate. Even the last grain! Trust me- someone monitoring you till you’ve picked the last grain from your plate and swallowed, can be irritating. My friend knows this, yet he never stops, and I absolutely love him for this! This reminds me of my childhood when I used to feed the street dogs with the food left over at home.

Why this post then? It’s a known fact, isn’t it? But we have started to forget it- it’s us who can break this stomach divide! Be a foodie! Eat good! Party a lot! But don’t waste food! Just because you have paid for it does not authorize you to misuse (read waste) it. All the world food summits and government policies will fail, if we don’t stop wasting food!


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