Why are all terrorists muslims?

I recently came across an article by Jayanth Tadinada, whose take on this issue moved me. It is true that behind every mass movement or idea, an ‘ism’ is attached. This ‘ism’ is often coherent with the ideology of the followers or a name quoted by media. It is the media, who have reserved the word ‘terrorism’ exclusively for Jihadis! All others who are involved in such activities are given different ‘isms’ that either glorify their work or softens their acts of terror!

So terrorists in Jharkhand are called ‘maoists’ or ‘naxals’. Terrorists in the north-eastern states are called ‘militants’. Tamil terrorists in Sri Lanka are dubbed as ‘tigers’ while the Irish terrorists were ‘separatists’. Terrorists in Africa are ‘insurgents’, The Cuban terrorists were ‘rebels’, the Hungarian ones were ‘extremists’, the Chinese terrorists are ‘radicals’ and the American terrorists are ‘counter-insurgents’. The Israeli terrorists are ‘commandos’ and the communist terrorists are ‘revolutionaries’ (courtesy- Jayanth).

I wonder what we must call the media- ridiculists?


5 responses to “Why are all terrorists muslims?

  1. Hi Sourav,

    Thanks for giving credit, I would really appreciate if you leave a link to my blog in the post 🙂


  2. Any person, who creates or uses terror as a weapon is a terrorist. You can call a apple, a peach or a orange or a banana, but at the end, its an apple. The word doesn’t change the thing, neither its taste (softens up). It might fool people in “thinking” it to be something else, but at the end, you “know” what it is!

  3. More glorified the word sounds, the more are people attracted to it. You call a Killer terrorist, it will not motivate him, you call him a soldier and woooo…. here he goes, ready to even give his life for the “image” word creates.

  4. Calling them names won’t help, I guess. We cannot exterminate a group of people because they are violent. First off, we are not capable of doing that. Secondly, there are more sane solutions to every problem. What we’ve got to do in the long term is to understand the causes of the birth of a terrorist. And terrorist means everybody who terrorizes by mass destruction and violence.

  5. namrata chauhan

    a person who do wrong thing that affects the society and lead to destruction , is a terrorist.

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