The Hyderabad tale

A friend of mine recently visited Hyderabad. He was shocked to witness the curfew there. The beautiful char-minar was fortified with Hindu barracks on one side, Muslim on the other and a police station in the middle! And what was the reason behind all this? A few flags!

The curfew has finally been called off, after 12 days of havoc. 3 people were killed during the riots and 2 died during the curfew, because they were not able to get medical care. All 5 of them had nothing to do with the riots. 3 people have been arrested for the killings. They are making enough news, but an important episode is missing from all the news we have read or heard.

When curfew was relaxed, milk was sold at Rs 100 per litre and vegetables for Rs 50 per kg. And the national media prioritized the more ‘important’ thing happening in Hyderabad- Sania Mirza’s wedding with Shoiab Mallik. These idiots gave top priority to the wedding news over the riots and curfew in one-third of the city.


One response to “The Hyderabad tale

  1. Its was so amazing to see the way the hindu and muslim coexist near char minar..i was extremmly happy to feel the mutual understanding among them..but due to some unsocial element they can’t..or because of our very own politcian..

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