The preposterous reality

Today TV shows have become an outlet of reality idiocy. Rakhi ka Swayamwar, Roadies, Splits villa, Big Boss, Sach Ka Samna, Iss Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao… Frankly, all the music and dance based competitions have become pseudo-reality shows of today! I watched an episode of ‘Emotional Atyachar’ lately. It was torture. How can people watch something so stupid!

The greatest reality show India has ever presented is the IPL. I recently watched a match. An entire innings passed without one cover drive! All our renowned stars were playing across the line of the ball- something only cricket novices do! I agree that it has generated huge revenues and viewership – but for whom? Who benefits? And abusing a game for the sake of money is something I can not stand. Or maybe I’m just too stubborn to understand.

I recently came across a girl, 11 years old, who loves watching Roadies! I’m seriously horrified about her future! Is this what we want our kids to learn? Recently 19-year-old girl, Krushnaa Patil, from Pune conquered Mt. Everest. Now, that’s something I call adventure, not cursing each other, dropping your fancy pants and eating grasshoppers! If that’s reality, let me live in my dreams!


6 responses to “The preposterous reality

  1. Rishabh Asthana

    damn man! that was something powerful! i totally.. though there was a point when i used to like roadies.. but that was all in the past! i never thought about it this way.. thanks for bringing the reality of the reality shows to the limelight!

  2. Thts why i watch only cartoons channel, atleast it doesn’t ache my head after watching all that non-sensical serials..if people real want worthless and meaingless but amusing entertainment then they must probably watch indian news channel..someone has correctly defined TV as idiotbox..hats off for them..!

  3. Really yaar!!!!!!! I never thought like you!!!!!!! Now i realise why do i get headache while watching t.v ?? and thank God that i dont have t.v in my hostel!!!!!!!

  4. completely agree with the view on roadies! and yes, emotional atyachar is undoubtedly one of the worst tv shows ever!

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