Byomkesh Bakshi

The difference between an average detective show and an outstanding detective show is the signal to noise ratio. If signals that lead to the solution of the mystery are high, then the show looses the interest of viewers who easily solve the mystery. Also, if the background noise is increased to a level that the actual clues get buried deep into layers that viewers can’t find, the show again looses its viewers. So, the bandwidth available for an outstanding detective show is very narrow!

I remember a few detective shows from my old nostalgic Doordarshan days. I was a child then, but thanks to you tube, that I can continue watching them. Who can forget Jasoos Karamchand (starring Pankaj Kapoor), Super six, Barrister Roy (starring Kanwaljeet), Reporter (Shekhar Suman’s first apperance on TV), Tehkikaat and Suraag (starring Sudesh Berry)? But the show stealer of those good old days was definitely Byomkesh Bakshi. He was undoubtedly the Indian version of Sherlock Holmes.

The opening music of the show, the simple yet brilliant plots, dhoti clad Rajit Kapoor, his intelligence in solving cases, and above all the show’s simplicity!


3 responses to “Byomkesh Bakshi

  1. Your right..once i was travelling in train, my fellow pasrenger told me about bakshi and showed me his serial cliping on his lappy..before that i hven’t heard of him and i was amazed to see the way of plot and was a brilliant piece of work..solving cases without any technological help but just witht a shear piece of common sense..gud to know people still like them..

  2. seriously this byomkesh bakshi episodes are too good…. i have around 20 episodes videos of this and 20 episodes of malgudi days in my comp…..
    i strongly feel not many serials can beat the “”swami n friends “”

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