The anti-secular?

The secularists of India have unfortunately forgotten the meaning of secularism. Like most ‘isms’, secularism is being wrongly understood. In India secularism is the opposite of ‘everything’ the sangh pariwar stands for. Secularists define themselves as ‘anti sangh pariwar’. And in Modi and Advani, they have personified ‘everything’ they hate in themselves.

Modi has been long accused for equating the state interests with his own. When Amitabh Bachchan is asked to be the state’s brand ambassador for tourism, he is sacked for being ‘anti secular and Modi supportive’. Modi may have had his own interests in using Bachchan to promote Gujarat’s tourism- politicians do this all the time! But, why are the secularists so weak in their ideologies? If, at all, Modi is painting himself in the state colours, the so-called-secularists are helping him in doing so, by their ideological stupidity! By accusing everyone working for Gujatat, they are, in a way, supporting the claim that anyone working for Gujarat is working for Modi. Sometimes it seems to be one big conspiracy!

I am not supporting Modi, but even we Modi opposers should have some standards and self-respect.


One response to “The anti-secular?

  1. What an ideological confusion? Let it be anything, for modi or not, at least its help in the development of the state…

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