The adult world of adolescence

The days of adolescence is rapidly being replaced by some new traits. Today every girl child wishes to be a diva and every boy desires to be called a dude. A time where girls have moved from adorning their dolls to adorning themselves. A world where the matrix to social acceptance is the number of friends on facebook. Where are those days of innocence gone in present kids!?

The major reason for this shift is the unchecked ridiculous shows television channels offer. Gone are days of Byomkesh Bakshi, Bharat Ek Khoj and Surabhi. Educational shows  are replaced by reality shows. What is worse is that parents let these things happen unchecked! And by the time they wake up, it is too late. You’ll find a lot of parents taking advice about their girls who have attained puberty earlier or the pre-teens disturbed by emotional break-ups!

Truly speaking, we cannot blame our kids for this. After-all they are kids! We adults are the ones to blame. Parents have to take charge! Educate them before they learn from wrong sources! These adolescents do not learn from what we teach them but from how we live our lives. We have to do the right thing before expecting anything from them!


2 responses to “The adult world of adolescence

  1. Very nice flow.Good article

  2. You are right buddy
    Reality shows sucks, TV shows of in-laws are more worse. Parents are responsible for watching those silly shows and letting their children watch those shows with them.
    Honestly speaking you are the most influential blogger i am reading so far. Keep rocking.

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