On sex education

This article by Indian Home Maker is probably the best article I’ve read in a long time. When I decided to write about sex education in India, I couldn’t think of anything beyond what IHM has already mentioned.

I strongly believe, especially in case of teenagers, that moralizing can really turn them off. IHM suggests to give them simple answers, moralizing is the worse sin- when it comes to answering a child’s curious questions. It is very important that a child gets the right information at the right time, with the right message. As long as parents shy away from this subject, children will try and learn from other dubious sources. It is primarily the parents responsibility to explain their kids the difference between good touch and bad touch, and answer their questions- no matter how shocking they are!

I had grazed through this issue when I wrote about Ruchika molestation case, but IHM’s take on the issue is brilliant. Read it here if you haven’t read it still. Thank you Indian Home Maker!


2 responses to “On sex education

  1. Thank You Sourav!

    We like our children to be ‘innocent’. It’s sad that some of us associate ignorance, which can be dangerous for children, with innocence.

    Innocence comes from being guilt free, open and honest. What we try to pass off as ‘innocence’ is a confused child realising that he can’t talk about ‘certain things’ to his parents – the parents don’t realise there are many others who would gladly oblige and answer all his questions… and what he learns from these sources is often inaccurate and warped.

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