The changing bollywood

It was not long back when masala was the successful genre of Bollywood. Illogical star studded films soared the box office. Public was happy just to see their favorite stars dancing. But times are changing now. Small budget sensible films are getting their rewards, while many big, highly promoted films are failing. Films have started to run on direction, performances and the overall cinematic experience of the viewer.

This shift is taking place due to three major reasons. Firstly, the multiplex audience has grown considerably. These people spend a lot for watching a movie and are very particular about watching something that makes sense. Secondly, the youth and the rise of Internet has made Hollywood and world cinema accessible to the audience. Youth now compares Indian cinema with Hollywood standards. Thirdly, the new generation of young filmmakers have a great talent of instantly connecting with their audience, due to their young age.

Even the award ceremonies are acknowledging to this change. For years, these awards were given out to inappropriate films to draw big stars to their functions. Now there are categories like ‘Critics choice’ and ‘Reader’s choice’ awards, which greatly depend on audience votes. Moreover, audience has started to accept new age actors, who solely depend on performances. Future is bright for Abhay Deol, Ranbir Kapoor, Farhan Akhtar, Shreyas Talpede. Even Shahid Kapoor desperately proved himself in Kaminey. Let’s accept these winds of change!


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