Anatomy of a leader

There are 3 basic qualities that differentiate humans from animals. Firstly, human beings imagine. All the philosophy, art, religions, caste, society, wars and cookery books are its byproduct. You reading this article and trying to smile is also a consequence. Secondly, humans are forgetful. This is one of his biggest qualities. This is the reason humans live longer than most animals of its calibre. Third and most importantly, humans are lazy. Animals will either die of hunger or become prey of other animals if they resort to laziness. Humans don’t mind a pizza delivery boy 🙂

According to Scott Adams, humans are imitators. When someone yawns, we yawn. When someone laughs, it puts us in a good mood. When someone is a downer, we feel down. A leader probably does little more than convey a sense that he has a lot of energy himself, which boosts the energy levels of everyone who gets that message. We like the feeling of energy, so we keep the leader in power so we’ll see more of him. We’re all energy junkies, and our leaders are pushers.

May it be Hitler’s powerful speeches, of Churchill’s ability to work hard, it is their energy that speak for them. So next time you find a man with an IQ of 80 leading your project, don’t feel like a fool! Don’t complain. It is his ability to come out of comfort zone and act and nothing else. If you want to complain, better do something about it.


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