Consumed consumers of the world

I recently came across the story of stuff. It clearly gives the big picture of the entire life-cycle of everything we see around us- goods, people, resources… Watch this video even if it takes hours to buffer-

I wonder why in India, the increasing number of automobiles sold is often quoted as the measure of our economy? My common sense tells me that excessive consumerism is a major problem the planet faces today. The fundamental problem with the US economy today is that its model is driven by increasing consumerism which cannot be accelerated beyond a certain point! ‘Consumer confidence’ measure cannot be a long-term solution. Today China and the US have become co-dependent, driving each others consumerism, but this is bound to fail.

Obama’s stimulus package will certainly restore faith in stock and commodity market. But, I am yet to understand what difference it will make in a common man’s life? As a natural succession to Paulson’s bank bailout, it was never construed in a way that would help ordinary American. I hope people start doing small savings. Over dependency on credit and intangible goodwill has failed once. History is a clear evidence that, capitalism, when in the hands of a deluded lot, has always become a great expression of human greed (and hence, suffering).


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