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The liberal and the Islam puzzle

heaven_hellThe recent Charlie Hebdo tragedy witnessed mass protests and solidarity parades across political borders and ideologies. Although there was a huge outcry over the violent means the Islamic fundamentalists resorted to; liberals across the world were divided on whether to criticize the incident outright, or to consider the social conditions of Muslims in France while criticising the incident. While this diversity of opinion is our biggest strength, more often than not, it also shows our blind spot. Continue reading


The solution problem

gazaOver 800 deaths in Gaza and counting. Just to put it in perspective, in a land mass half the size of Bangalore, one child has been killed every hour in the past 3 days. Long after the end of colonial era, the Palestinians are one of the few national entities denied basic human rights and the right to establish an independent sovereign state in their homeland – which suffers 47 year-long Israeli occupation, where millions suffer brutal military oppression.  Continue reading

Pyramids were not built in a day

Many of my friends claimed that the revolution in Egypt was a Facebook or Twitter revolution. This belief has spread so far that many Indians have notched up their participation on social networking sites in hopes of revolution. Well, as a matter of fact, 17% of Egyptians have internet access which was severely blocked during the revolution. Egyptian revolution was ‘not’ a social media-inspired revolution. Continue reading

The other Hosni Mubarak

Presenting the president of Egypt, the dictator and the winner of Jawaharlal Nehru Award- Hosni Mubarak. Mubarak has ruled Egypt for 29 years now. He is the same guy who was paid $20 billion by the USA when he sent forces to Iraq in the 1991 war. Yes he is the same corrupt man. He is the same guy who supports Israel blindly. These days, he is in the front page of almost every newspaper due to the recent civil protests. My regular readers must be wondering if, for a change, I have started writing on World politics? Well, the answer is no. I was setting the stage for the Hosni Mubarak in India. Continue reading

Consumed consumers of the world

I recently came across the story of stuff. It clearly gives the big picture of the entire life-cycle of everything we see around us- goods, people, resources… Watch this video even if it takes hours to buffer- Continue reading