The Jharkhand tragedy

7 chief ministers in 9 years! And lo!… We have our new Chief Minister who happnes to be a murderer! What a tragedy! The state of Jharkhand was formed on the promise of freedom and self-governance for the adivasis (the natives of Jharkhand). When it was carved out of Bihar, it had a bright future. After all, it was undivided Bihar’s industrial powerhouse, it was immensely rich in mineral and forest resources. We had such high expectations…

But the state is now sinking deeper and deeper into an abyss because of  its political instability and a thoroughly corrupt political class. Palamu district continues to claim maximum deaths due to hunger. Sandwiched between the landlordism and the naxalites, farmers don’t seem to have too many choices.  With persistent droughts, the condition of small peasantry and landless agricultural labourers of my state has only worsened, who today mostly survive on harmful eatables of the forests. The middle class that terribly lacks civic sense, has decided to take up these issues only over a cup of coffee.

We all know the situation. Yet why do corrupt politicians and those with criminal backgrounds keep getting elected? Because we vote for them! Earlier it was attributed to lack of knowledge about politicians. But that is no longer the case. Ever since the Association of Democratic Reforms, through it public interest litigation, has succeeded in making it compulsory for those contesting elections to declare their assets, educational background and involvement in criminal cases, people just can’t claim to be ignorant any more. And yet we keep electing criminals and corrupt politicians. What a shame! Clearly, we are not willing to do much more than crib in our living rooms about corruption. Till we are willing to do so, we have to suffer the murderers of the world…


5 responses to “The Jharkhand tragedy

  1. well to start with it is appreciable to remark that the youth brigade of this nation is bending its ever busy head to precarious problem like liberhan report or failure of a “all under one roof state- jharkhand”. it is said that if in a geography exam paper, if you do not know of the mineral location found in India, jharkhand always comes to the rescue.. yet why is this state always for wrong reasons in media?
    well the reasons are 0ne hell of plethora, enough to go down to various feet of a parchment.. but i believe what my friend failed to bring to his eyes was the fact that is the core and Uno problem-the root of all..Education. Had there been education, the state of jharkhand would have been 360 degree different. how can my friend ignore this one major fact while writing his view that just writing a blog on at topic like this is not the solution, not even a beginning to it because it is no liberhan report or suruchi case in which one can share his feelings and public sentiment in this google era. What is required is the urgency, urgency which has long been at receiving end of apathy and callous attitude by one and all of us. The urgency TO ACT.. mere writing on internet which is a comfort for just 2% population of world. how many of the population of jharkhand read blogs or are socially aware of their rights.. it must be an iota of whole when the average people struggles to meet his daily ends.
    so rather than writing on this forum of privileged few, it is time to act… to join some organistaion, directly or the other way which truly helps the needful of the state, to make them educated so that they themselves are able to judge between right and wrong. the day that happens will be the day the initial strike of solution will start and yes i must say.. long road ahead…

  2. wishing you all the best,
    may god bless you.

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