Yuva raj or Yuvraj?

Media is happy telling us about the youth brigade that has entered politics. There are about 90 such MPs in the Parliament. But have we ever stepped aside and looked at them beyond what media is busy portraying them? All these young leaders have ‘inherited’ their parents. To get better visibility, let us take a few popular names, though the list is endless-

  • Rahul Gandhi (Rajeev Gandhi)
  • Sachin Pilot (Rajesh Pilot)
  • Suhasini Sule (S Pawar)
  • Jatin Prasad (J P rasad)
  • Varun Gandhi (Maneka Gandhi)
  • Sandeep Dixit (Shiela Dixit)
  • Omar Abdulla (Farooq (Abdulla)
  • Kanzimori (Karunanidhi)
  • Jyotiraditya Scindia (Madhavrao Scindia)
  • Akhlesh Yaday (Mulayam singh)
  • Agatha Sangma (P A Sangma)

Can we name one single young MP who is not from a political family? I don’t claim that they are all worthless, but their ability is definitely in question! Agreed that if father is a painter, the son automatically develops interest in painting, and can even be a better painter than the father, but there should be regulations involved. In a democratic state, we see autocracy in the top of bodies which are responsible for framing our country’s future. Let’s think a hundred times before we cast our votes.


2 responses to “Yuva raj or Yuvraj?

  1. There are some young guns but they are not getting much attention as these all are from political background.

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