The parliament, the news, and the nation

The Lok sabha budget session is commencing these days. Recently, our MPs discussed on supply of food grains, promotion of commercial farming, Somali pirates attacking our ships, disappearances of people in police custody, the non-inclusion of Bhojpuri in the official language list, fires in farms because of the heat, water sharing disputes, missing Indian in Afghanistan, declining ground water table, the cyclone in West Bengal and Bihar, a 4 crore scam in Bihar, oil spill’s near our shores affecting the livelihood of fishermen, farm credit, oil and gas blocks and the national green tribunal bill, among several other issues.

Did you find any of these parliamentary discussions in the newspapers or the news channels? Our media ‘cooks’ issues- one after the other! First, My name is khan, then Sania mirza and now Tharoor! Issues like the GSLV cryogenic engine failure, West Bengal cyclone that killed 120, etc, die silent deaths.

Don’t we love to be cynical about how our political leaders disappoint us? Don’t they deserve some space in the news when they actually perform as mandated by the constitution?


One response to “The parliament, the news, and the nation

  1. As its stated that world’s greatest entertainer is indian news channel. For them the saas, bahu aur sajis is more imp. then naxal war…business

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