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Exam blues… continues…

I am in my final year of engineering, and hopefully in the last year of my formal education. In these 20 years of education, I would have written no less than 1000 exams. Unlike my exceptional facebook, kung-fu, bowling and rubik’s cube solving skills, I must admit that I am pretty bad at writing exams. Continue reading


To all budding entrepreneurs

Many of us believe that being an entrepreneur is being your own boss. I see friends around me who want to start their own business because it either makes them rich or the boss of their own lives. I think this attitude is wrong.

Becoming an entrepreneur does not necessarily make one rich. We hear stories of those who became rich, and not of the ones who failed, just the way how we read interviews of successful film stars and not of the struggling ones.

Being the master of your fate is partially true. In the long term, yes, an entrepreneur can choose the direction he is heading, but his day to day life is miserable. Instead of having one boss now, he now has to listen to employees, customers, suppliers, auditors, investors, family, to name a few.

So why is being an entrepreneur such an interesting thing to do? Because, it is a field of work where technology, science, arts, economics, humanities, psychology, philosophy, and finance converge. You are not only trying to create, you are also predicting human behavior as you create. The scientist, the artist, and the businessman are but a single person. This is a new phenomena in human progress and is here to stay.

Musings of a confused agnostic

“Each one prays to God according to his own light.” – Mahatma Gandhi.

For the first time, I have attempted to pen down my feelings on the concept of religion and god. Read my latest article on the-NRI

Pesticides and dairy farming in Indian villages

My friend Shweta recently spoke about natural pesticides that a local farmer in her village uses to yield better crops. She did some exhaustive research in the field, and presented a seminar in one of our Traditional Indian Science and Technology classes. She also spoke about how her father used innovative local techniques to increase the milk their cows yielded. All of it organic and purely local knowledge. Watch the video below- Continue reading

Apocalypse Now- this is the end, my only friend!

In a previous article, I had mentioned how Coppola used batch editing techniques to make one of the most memorable editing scenes of his career.  Just like the scene from ‘The Godfather’, the opening to his ‘Apocalypse Now’ creates an equally deep impression. Coppola uses fading techniques here. Watch the video below- Continue reading