Autobiography of a strike bowler

This is my 200 post, and like every milestone, here is another lousy humour attempt by the greatest cricketer world has met till date-

Have you ever observed how kids play cricket? Everyone on the ground waits for just one thing- batting! Well, I was a good for nothing cricketer, so I had selected bowling, the niche domain. Kids of my colony were playing cricket last evening. That is when the great strike bowler decided to make a comeback! I begged and pleaded them to include me in their team. Finally they agreed when I told them that I would give them ten bucks each. The toss was done by tossing a torn pan masala packet, which fell into a drainage that flows beside the ground. I was asked to peep inside and enlighten them with who won the toss. My opponent team had won the toss, and like anywhere else in India, they chose to bat first.

I knew that with my bowling skills, the opposition team would crumble like a pack of cards. The great strike bowler opened the bowling attack. With a Murlidharan smile and Mailnga action, I ran up to bowl. The first ball was smashed for a six. The second ball was hit back with brutal force which passed my left ear and went for a four. I made some fielding adjustments. The third ball was hooked for a six. That is when I decided to use my secret weapon- ‘the slow ball’. The fourth ball went for a six too. I didn’t want to continue after such a humiliation!

I told the opposition team batsman that I would not bowl to him, if he continues to hit me for sixes and fours. That 9-year-old laughed at me! I could not take such a sarcastic remark. It was such an insult to a great bowler! I told my team mates that I would conduct a strike against the opposition team. My team mates agreed with me when I told them that I would give them another ten rupees each. Me and my team mates left the cricket pitch and we never gave the opposition team another chance to smash us. Yes, I proved my mettle as a strike bowler!

PS: I dint give the ten bucks to the kids. The kids were roaming around my house today. What should I do now?

PS: Celebrating 200 articles, more than 14000 visitors and 62 subscribers with a smile 🙂


4 responses to “Autobiography of a strike bowler

  1. Congrats dude!

    200 is a huge landmark… keep writing 🙂

  2. 200 articles in 8 months! Thats a number. Congrats:)

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