Solving the Rubik’s cube

This is my 250th article. On this auspicious occasion, I’ll tell you the legendary story of how I learnt to solve the Rubik’s cube!

Birthdays are special for everyone. Wedding days are special for few. I am happy today because this is my 250th article. When I completed 100 articles in this site, I proved it to the world how great a facebook user I was. In my 150th article, I demonstrated my kung-fu skills to the world. In my 200th article, I proved my mettle as the greatest strike bowler in the world. For my 250th article, I decided to solve the Rubik’s cube.

The Rubik’s cube is the world’s best selling toy. There are exactly 43,252,003,274,489,856,000 permutations to solve the cube. To put this into perspective, if every permutation of a 57-millimeter Rubik’s Cube were lined up end to end, it would stretch out approximately 261 light years! I knew that solving this was a close to impossible task. But throughout my childhood, I wanted to solve it. I had no major reason for this fascination. So what, dogs chase cars for no reason at all.

Thinking of dogs, I had found my road ahead. I had to contact Mr. Bush for guidance. He spent a minute staring at the cube and suddenly burst into tears! He even raged a war on Iraq to demonstrate his disappointment. At that very moment I knew that I have to contact Rajnikanth to help me solve the impossible cube. Those days, he was too busy shooting a crappy film that had cost the producer 162 crore Rupees, but he was generous enough not to turn down my request. He solved the cube at lightening speed, and it took him only a day to solve the special cube that Rajnikanth had designed for himself. He named it Rajni’s cube. To catch a glimpse of his incredible work, click here.

My search was not over. I was determined to solve the Rubik’s cube, come what may! I had to go through a lot of hardships to learn to solve the Rubik’s cube, but finally I did it! The solution is very complicated to explain. So I’d rather include a picture of how I finally solved the Rubik’s cube.

Note- I actually solved the Rubik’s cube. Find the video here.

Note- Celebrating 250 articles in 10 months.

Note- Celebrating 20,000 visitors.


7 responses to “Solving the Rubik’s cube

  1. Hi Sourav,

    Congratulations on completion of 250 Articles. I am pleased to see you have not got bored of writing and come up with a new blog with fresh ideas. May your Blog Numbers keep improving!!! Good Luck..

  2. Congratulation Sourav!
    I say this because i know how hard is it to be persistent and keep on writing!!!
    Keep up the good work! Hope to see 1000 articles here soon!! 🙂


  3. Congrats! (and perhaps even you’re in search of converting blogging to an art form :D)
    So here’s the question:
    In which exact state of the rubiks cube, could it take you the longest to solve it? Could a rubiks obsessed person analyze your pattern for solving and then be able to answer this question? Could a program help you answer this question 😀

    • @ All Thanks for your well wishes 🙂
      Haha.. here goes the programmer!
      Well, first of all, thanks for your warm wishes. Blogging has already become an art for me.
      Well, it takes the longest time when it is the most scrambled (i.e. no color are in line, infact there is a way to achieve that state of the cube too…!). However, under these circumstances, if I use my steps in the reverse order I can solve the cube even faster. So ultimately computer could not (and should not) surpass the brain.
      Well there are patterns, beautiful ones actually. And trust me- this can be coded! But it will only destroy the charm of solving it yourself… I once wrote a code of solving sudoku puzzles (pretty simple), but they never made me feel as good as sitting with a pencil and solving it 🙂

  4. Very few people on earth can solve this. I’m happy to come across someone who does it.

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