My experiments with facebook

3 months have passed since I’ve started this website, and this is my 107th article. So friends, lets celebrate! On this note, I’ll share one thing that has irritated me a lot in the past few days! To spread awareness about my daily articles, I recently joined facebook. Also driven by one more reason- I wanted to socialize. A stupid friend complained that these days, I’ve become a baba with beard who has lost touch from all regular guy stuff (hooting girls, discussing filth). So I hopped in! I was welcomed by my best friend-

Did you notice my smile? Atleast, I was happy to be noticed! It was just around the time ‘My name is Khan’ was released. This was the time when facebook (and twitter) was flooded with ‘my name is crap and I don’t give a dammn’ statuses. Here are a few examples I came across-

1) My name is Rakhi and I am a Virgin
2) My name is Bal. My Nemesis is Khan
3) My name is Tiger and I wish Tiger Woods was one amongst us! Our population would not have gone down to 1411
4) My name is Obama. Yes we khan

5) My name is Sourav and I’m not funny 😦

Soon I realized facebook is all about horoscopes, mafia wars and an idiotic game called farmville, which has its graphics drawn straight from the video games of 1990s! I wish our virtual farmers were left in the middle of Vidarbha to grow cotton. Secondly, I came across something called “the hot girl pseudonym” as researched by my friend Jayanth Tadinada. He claims that it is lot easier for a girl to get recognition on the internet than it is for a guy. Even when she writes about her boring (and often narcissistic) shopping “adventures” or neighbor’s cute puppies, she gets two pages worth of likes and lols. And to add to it, she fights for women reservation 😀 Read his article here.

Maybe I’m an idiot, but I haven’t understood the idea behind ‘lol’. Till date, I have not accepted any comment on this website that has a ‘lol’ in it. Imagine Gabbar Singh’s legendary dialogue followed by a ‘lol’! 😦 I hate the pics these wannabes upload in their facebook albums. A girl showing her cleavage is her birth right. I am not gonna voice against it and incur the wrath of male readers. But guys showing their cleavages! If you have buttons in your shirt, button it up. Unbuttoning the top 4 buttons and revealing your chest doesn’t make you look cool. Your chest hair is disgusting and given a chance, I’d happily pluck them off. No, let me speak! I’ve posted over 100 articles, Bal Thakarey won’t shut his mouth and I’m not gonna stop writing!

Now, from a web developer’s perspective, Why the hell are the two chat lists present- one on the left side bar and one on the bottom toolbar. Only Dan Brown can find an answer to it! To make things worse, facebook is still using AJAX chat functionality! It bloody hangs! So finally I decided to leave. But where is the logout icon? Even when I have to close this crap, I have to click the ‘Account’ tab which would then drop down and show a list of tabs and ‘logout’ is at the bottom of the list. Is this what user friendliness is all about? But like a classic example of hypocrisy, I’ll still continue with facebook because of the socialization and site awareness bakwaas I did earlier… Join me here!


14 responses to “My experiments with facebook

  1. lol! so true 🙂

  2. my name is baig

    Even i dnt knw wat lol means actually. so i never comment lol. Ya dislike button should be there!

  3. Rishabh Asthana

    awesome.. that abt gals is really true! 😀 😉

  4. facebook ke baad harami blog pe

  5. may be you do not know this or forgot to mention but you can never delete your account in facebook! once in facebook always in facebook…

    I joined facebook like two years back and found it really crappy (those were the orkut days then)… and to my shock I realized that there is no way I can delete my account…

    so I deactivated my account but then I slowly realized the potential of facebook and have been using it to publicize my blog and stuff like that…

  6. Sourav, as I always enjoy reading all your blogs, this one has been one of the best blogs I have come across….Sacrasm combined with fun…Nice combination…Keep going…

  7. Even it has lot of stupid apps like “lover of the day”, “friend of the day”….

  8. kool…… name is raj and mera naam toh sunahoga….hat’s off….i also hate facebook…but what to do…..i have international friends out there waiting….LOL

  9. U seem to have broken ur word of not letting lol comments on ur site..Just saw quite a number of them right here 🙂
    Nice post..N agreed about facebook crap..Truely the heights of joblessness to ppl play games on it (hopefully I dont get replies to this comment 🙂 )

    • Lisha, I had pledged not to reply to any comments, since that leads to long unnecessary discussions, and deviates me from writing my next articles. But acknowledging to the fact that nothing like this will happen between us, I have to answer this.

      These ‘lols’ are more on sarcastic note and are not the facebook like lols you find. Me moderating these comments would have removed the punch from these comments.

      You see one more word is broken 🙂

  10. i too loathe some of the apps on facebook like blah blah of the day…a complete waste of time indeed.

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