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The Godfather- do you believe in God?

The Godfather is one of the very few films that don’t have a single flaw. Many of us mistake Godfather as a crime film while it really is a movie about family. It is one film in which we get involved, as the scenes become intense. It has just the right amount of everything. Here’s my favorite scene from the film where Coppola exercises more genius in five minutes than what most filmmakers do in their whole career- Continue reading

Preventing Another 26/11

On 26/11/2008, many people paid with their lives for the fanaticism of a few. The heart still bleeds. 26/11 is neither forgiven nor forgotten. Are we prepared to fight back if they plan another attack on our country? Read my latest article on the-NRI

Benaras- the city of Gods

American writer Mark Twain wrote: “Benares is older than history, older than tradition, older even than legend, and looks twice as old as all of them put together.” Continue reading

Are we turning into robots?

Chat online, tickets online, banking online, mobile recharge online, books online, mail online, dating online, order food online, travel online, jobs online, shopping online, gaming online, socialising online, cinema online. Is our life restricted inside a plastic box? Continue reading

Freedom fighters from Jharkhand

Almost one hundred years before India’s First War of Independence (1857), the adivasis (tribals) of Jharkhand had declared revolt against the British colonial rule and their imperialist exploiting policies. The first ever revolt in India, against the landlords was led by Tilka Manjhi, a valiant Santhal leader from the tribal belt in 1771. Continue reading