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Blood for your valentine

C-HeartMizoram is the state with literary rate at 95%, second only to Kerala. Not only is the state known for its fast growing economy, agricultural prosperity, natural beauty and peaceful people, over the past few years, the youth of Mizoram has set up a new and wonderful trend. While in most part of the country, people get divided on whether or not Valentines Day should be celebrated, the youth of Mizoram takes this opportunity and donates blood. Continue reading


Drops of life

polio_3Barely two decades ago, India held more than half of world’s polio cases. In February last year, India’s name was struck off the list of polio-endemic countries as there was no case of polio reported in the country for over a year. In three months from now, India will be declared a polio-free nation. A people’s movement indeed, with over 23 lakh volunteers who traveled across the country to vaccinate children, India is on the verge of pulling-off one of the greatest public-health coups in history. Read the complete article in Sankalp’s site

Chotanagpur uprising

Birsa_MundaThe Chotanagpur region is the adivasi dominated plateau in eastern India, which covers much of Jharkhand as well as adjacent parts of Odisha, West Bengal, Bihar and Chhattisgarh. Almost one hundred years before India’s First War of Independence (1857), the adivasi tribals of the Chotanagpur plateau region had declared war against the British colonial rule in the area. The first ever revolt in India, against the exploitative landlords and the British government happened in this region. Continue reading

Being free

freedomMany of us often wonder – what does Republic Day signify in real sense? Isn’t Independence day good enough a reason to celebrate the freedom and spirit of nationalism? Why then, do we celebrate Republic Day? Please do read the article further on Sankalp’s website.

Fighting thalassemia

Thal_Day_CareThalassemia is a disorder where a person’s body does not produce it’s own blood. In the west, people with thalassemia lead near normal lives. In our country, most of the children do not live to celebrate their 18th birthday! Thalassemia can be completely avoided with proper awareness in parents. A child suffering from it can lead normal life with proper care and blood transfusion on regular basis. Continue reading