Are we turning into robots?

Chat online, tickets online, banking online, mobile recharge online, books online, mail online, dating online, order food online, travel online, jobs online, shopping online, gaming online, socialising online, cinema online. Is our life restricted inside a plastic box?

Well, I recently met a few school kids. When I asked them their favourite sport- they yelled cricket, football, basketball etc. Later I realized that they were referring to games that they play seated in their air-conditioned rooms instead of sweating it out in the playground! As my friend Jayant writes– “Kids who ought to be playing street cricket wearing Bata slippers can be found hanging out at the gaming arcade wearing Nike sneakers.”

Our next generation is loosing out the importance of team spirit and physical exercise! People who spend more time on the internet are more likely to suffer from physical and mental sickness. Students face lack of concentration due to the addiction to the social networking sites. Studies prove that most Facebook users have low self-esteem! Under these circumstances I find myself wondering what we have become! When humans will loose human touch, on what grounds will we difference men from robots?


2 responses to “Are we turning into robots?

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