How to play Gilli Danda

Gilli Danda is very similar to cricket. It is the poor man’s way of playing cricket. Just like marbles (goli or kancha) is the poor man’s way of playing golf. Well, coming back- since, kids of the next generation won’t understand anything but logic (I am assuming they will be no less than programmed robots), here’s a futuristic algorithm on how to play Gilli Danda-

Resources required-

  1. Gilli, a 3-6 inches long stick, 1 inch diameter at the center and tapered at both ends.
  2. Danda, a 2-3 feet long stick, 1 inch in diameter.

Number of players-

Unlike modern games, any number of players or teams can play this game. That’s precisely the difference between most western and local games. We play unconstrained, unleashed. However, it is preferred that you have only two teams to avoid brawls and unnecessary fights.


  1. Divide the crowd of kids into two teams. Unlike Indian cricket team, let the 2 most elder guys become captains.
  2. Toss a coin (or a leaf or a pan masala packet). The team which wins the toss can select batting or fielding, but not both.
  3. Make a circle with a hole in the center, where the batsman will bat.
  4. The first player of the batting team will use the danda to bat, while the fielding team is spread in the ground to field. Unlike cricket, there is no bowler in this game to get humiliated by a brutal batsman.
  5. The batsman hits the gilli at one of the tapered ends with his danda, and quickly strikes it. The gilli becomes airborne if it is struck.
  6. If the batsman strikes the gilli, which no fielder is able to catch, then the danda is used to measure the distance from the center circle to the point where gilli fell. Each danda length adds one point to the batting team. Repeat step 5.
  7. If the batsman is unable to strike the gilli in 3 continuous chances, the batsman is out. This is similar to a strikeout in Baseball. Go to step 9.
  8. If the batsman strikes the gilli and a fielder catches it before it touches the ground, the batsman is out. Go to step 9.
  9. The next player of his team comes to bat.
  10. Repeat the above steps untill all players of the batting team are out. Calculate their total points.
  11. Now the fielding team bats and the batting team fields. Repeat all above steps of the new batting team.
  12. The team with maximum score wins the match.

How I wish this wonderful game is never forgotten!


4 responses to “How to play Gilli Danda

  1. Very informational text which will help next generation to understand what there parents played in their times

    Thank You for this

  2. Freakishly enlightening!

  3. Surely, the current generation will neither know the game nor the pleasure it has given to the part generation. OH THE FUN OF playing in fresh open air . The thrill of simple rules and zero expenses . The participation of as many players possible. TO THOSE WHO PLAYED THE GAME. Like i did in my childhood. Let us Cherish the moments of happiness . A moment like that will never belong to computer generation kids whose only exercise is the finger and thumb no computer and mobile phones.

  4. Pritam Jeswani

    Sir , the current generation can know & enjoy the game like we did long back. We can revive & play ourselves at what ever our present age.
    Alas. we have forgotten the rules .There are few more variants as well..

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