Gilli Danda and the Internet generation

It is an interesting phenomena how Internet has revolutionized our lives. Internet has done what printing press had done in the medieval age. It has given us knowledge without responsibilities. Invention of printing press had led to the age of discovery, inventions, revolutions which eventually led to renaissance and boredom. Internet has dawned another age of renaissance. People question more than ever before, however irrelevant they may be.

But unfortunately, Internet has started to redefine the way our next generation will look at the world. We, having seen the age before the dawn of Internet, know how to differentiate between the real and the virtual. Our next generation won’t know that. They will be born in a full fledged Internet era. For them, the world will be digital. I know that my great grandfather existed because I believe he did. I’m afraid my kid might not accept the same logic when he does not find him on the Internet.

Ironic it may sound, it’s true. We’re moving towards a very different era. I’m afraid my kid will ever know that we used to go to nearby shop to purchase groceries. I’m afraid my kid will ever know that games like Luka Chupi, and Gilli Danda existed. I’m afraid. So, it becomes my moral as well as cultural responsibility to document keywords that my kids may never get to hear. Gilli Danda is one such word. I don’t know why I chose Gilli Danda over other games. In my next article, I will come up with an algorithm on how to play Gilli Danda.


One response to “Gilli Danda and the Internet generation

  1. Yea i strongly agree with your words..! 🙂

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