Meghalaya on the rise

I am glad to see Meghalaya in news for all the right reasons. This is an encouraging news that Meghalaya is spending money on development which will surely benefit the people there. Recently, Shillong also hosted National RTI convention which attracted many eminent activists from all over India. They surely were mesmerised by the beauty of the Scotland of the east.

In the last fiscal year, the ratio of development expenditure of Meghalaya has been higher than the other northeastern states on an average. The Meghalaya government’s expenditure on health was also higher than other northeastern states’ average during the years 2005-06 and 2009-10, whereas expenditure on education was lower, unfortunately. I’m sure, soon education there will laso improve.

Fiscal position indicated that the state not only maintained revenue surplus during the last five-year period ending 2009-10, but it also reached its peak. Fiscal deficit of the state has also reduced significantly. Revenue account has increased by Rs 1,700 crore and growth of revenue receipts has increased by 23%. Expenditure on salaries during 2009-10 was 6.14% higher than what was assessed. This surely makes me happy. Long way to go, but the bandwagon of progress is moving there.


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