Census data and North East

North East has shown some unique trends in the recent census data. Nagaland is the only state in India which has shown negative growth in population in India while Mizoram has been placed at second position in terms of literacy rate. Arunachal Pradesh retains the state with lowest density in population with 17 persons per square kilometre.

North East India has shown decent growth in literacy. In literacy rate, most of the North Eastern states have done better than the past decade. Only Assam with 73.18% and Arunachal Pradesh with 66.95% are below the national average of 74.04%.

Population of Assam has grown by 16.93% in the last decade. This is in line with national growth which is 17.64%. Mizoram saw growth of population above national average at 22.78. Overall, the census data of North East is in accordance with or better than the rest of the country. These facts are overwhelming and soothing. Let’s do everything we can to bring prosperity and happiness to the people here.


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