The Godfather- do you believe in God?

The Godfather is one of the very few films that don’t have a single flaw. Many of us mistake Godfather as a crime film while it really is a movie about family. It is one film in which we get involved, as the scenes become intense. It has just the right amount of everything. Here’s my favorite scene from the film where Coppola exercises more genius in five minutes than what most filmmakers do in their whole career-

The stark contrasts make this scene work so well. One life is coming into the world while other lives are leaving it. In many previous articles, I have written about a few of my other favorite film scenes [1], [2], but this one stands out. This is possibly the best edited scene in the history of cinema. The music is equally gripping as it becomes more and more intense. This is one scene that will remain with me even when I die!


3 responses to “The Godfather- do you believe in God?

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  2. Amazing!

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