The bull that raged

Raging Bull (1980) is one of the masterpieces of Scorsese for numerous reasons, other than the direction and Robert De Niro’s performance itself. The mutually reinforcing cinematography, especially in the fight sequences and the final scene, and the spectacular editing match the intensity of this film, that hits hard and right on the spot. In the final scene of the movie, the slightly overweight Jake La Motta (Niro) is sitting in his dressing room staring at his mirror, regretting his past, enters a monologue. Mirror! Monologue! Niro! Scorsese! Does it remind of something?

Scorsese, uses the famous conversation from On The Waterfront (1954) where Marlon Brando regrets his spoilt career. Here, Jake La Motta, speaks of all his mistakes that have brought sorrow to himself and those around him, quotes those lines. Scorsese does not involve verbalization or melodrama as most directors would be tempted to employ. Rather Scorsese simply asks his character to repeat the famous lines and leaves the rest to the viewer to interpret- a scene that fits brilliantly with the character of La Motta.


2 responses to “The bull that raged

  1. Kool.. You hve gud movie taste !

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