Food crisis and national media

Recently our Prime Minister declared that we will soon be able to stabilize the food prices. With inflation still hovering around the same 17%, we are far from stable. I don’t deny the possibility of this turning into reality, as we can hope for favorable rains this year, but the relaxed media scares me.

The spiraling food prices are of a major concern, and when the opposition party organized a massive rally against price rise in nation’s capital this week, the media was more concerned about the traffic jams caused because of this! There was no news or discussion on the issue they wanted media to cover, nor did the media take this rally as a political show of strength by the newly appointed BJP president.

So what, if we have a media that makes petty issues out of greater problems? So what, if we have a media that created a hype about food crises once upon a time, and is silent today even if the problem exists? So what, if we have a youth that prefers reading a fashion magazine over newspaper? So what, if the newspapers have turned into fashion magazines? All is well for those who don’t care.


2 responses to “Food crisis and national media

  1. even i feel media is loosing ethics and credibility…..

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